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Bicycle Hubs

Bicycle hubs are one of the most important components of the bike wheel and are the part right in the centre that is attached to the spokes and then the rim. Hubs are home to an axle, which allows the wheels to spin freely and smoothly and so ensuring they are up to scratch is key to keeping the wheels turning, no matter what type of bike you ride. Seen as the engine room of the wheel, the hubs drive everything that makes the bike move in the first place and just like any other mechanical engine room, they require a lot of maintenance to keep everything working to its best ability.

As bikes have 2 wheels, there are specific front and rear hubs that play different roles. While the front hub is simply designed to enable the wheel to spin the read hub is a bit more complex. Forming part of the biked transmission, the cassette or sprocket is also attached to the read hub and so a high-quality hub bearing set is essential to ensure you get the best ride, every time. The specialised bicycle components can be the difference between an exceptional ride and one that leaves you feeling flustered, frustrated or even worse, with a broken bike. Remember to carefully check your bearing type in your hub to ensure it is suitable for your needs.