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Riding gravel and mountain bike is strongly associated with bumpy and uneven terrain but even road bikes have to deal with their fair share of potholes. Suspension assist in manoeuvring these surfaces and creates a more comfortable ride by absorbing shock, responding to the pathway and navigating difficulties. Not to mention, suspension parts are also responsible for protecting other parts of the bike, absorbing impact on their behalf and distributing kinetic energy evenly, as to avoid damage to the frame and other fixed components.

As well as supporting the overall functionality of the bike over rough terrain, suspension can be modified to increasing the overall comfort of the ride and can also improve bike handling and tyre traction enabling faster and safer riding thanks to the increased control they provide. As the first line of defence, suspension components can help to prolong the lifespan of the bike and ensure that damages are minimal and so modifying suspension can save money and time spent on repairs. Whether you’re looking for a shock damper, coils or springs, get in touch with BETD to discuss your requirements, or browse our selection of suspension components here.