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A derailleur hanger is a mountain bike component and road component that protects the main body of the bike. Mech hangers are all designed to absorb any strain and bend or snap in order to protect the frame. Once bent or snapped, it is essential to replace it, to prevent any damage it may cause in the future. Carrying a spare replacement derailleur has its benefits and is more convenient. The convenience lies in being able to change the derailleur hanger over wherever you are. So if you snap your rear mech hanger on a cycling holiday, you can get going again, instead of worrying where to order your replacement dropout hanger from and how long it’ll take to reach you.


Derailleur hanger 424 is suitable for the Carrera Crossfuse E-bike. We are proud to say that our derailleur hanger collection is the largest in the world, boasting an amazing 400+ CNC machined mech hangers that all have superior strength and amazing durability. At BETD, we have 20 years of experience and expertise in the cycling, which is why we offer a 100% fit guarantee.

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Fits Bikes Carrera Crossfuse 2018 Carrera Crosspath 2018


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