Boost Your MTB Skills

Starling Cycles, Dave Price Photography

If you are looking to become a better off-road rider, there are many ways to boost your skills. From setting up properly to perfecting your jumps, there is a lot of fun to be had as you become a more well-rounded rider. Mountain biking components are a speciality of ours at BETD, so for replacement MTB crankset parts or spare derailleur hangers, browse our site to ensure you have the basics maintained before you attempt more manoeuvres.

Any experienced mountain biker knows the key to a good ride is to get into the flow. It’s better for the bike if you can handle corners and bumps without sudden sharp movements throwing the components ‘out of whack’ and incrementally damaging the frame. Confidence is key. And feeling rest assured comes from having the right preparation.

Check your wheels, bearings, MTB cranksets and all other areas of your bike for wear and tear. As a seasoned rider, you might already know the point at which the component on your bike should be replaced but if you need any second opinions, you can seek our expert help via our website. There is even the option to send in a medium-sized photo so our team can review it to help you identify the exact right product.

There is also ample opportunity to make the most of the manufacturing developments designed specifically to help MTB enthusiasts reach new heights, such as suspension components. CNC machined and made from aluminium; we supply linkage components help you to glide downhill at speed.

Once you have reviewed all parts of your bike, such as the MTB crankset, and made the necessary changes, you can press ahead with practicing your cornering and jumps to great effect. But give yourself a fair start first.

If you have any questions or want to enquire about any of our road, gravel or mountain bike components, please contact us via our website.