Buyers Guide to Cranksets

Have you work out your crankset or are you looking to tweak your gears? Our buyers guide to cranksets can help you to decide what is the best way to improve your ride. Cranksets and chainrings are the parts with teeth on the chainset, over which the chain passes, turning the wheels and so they are an extremely important component on all types of bike. Whether you need a road bike crankset, a MTB crankset or a gravel crankset, BETD has a huge range of Middleburn products to help you get the most from your bike.

Middleburn Cranksets

Our road bike cranksets and our MTB cranksets are all made from aerospace grade 7075 T6 aluminium, making them as lightweight as possible while still being robust and durable enough to withstand the tension the gearing systems place on them. Hand polished for a personal touch, these cranksets are engraved and anodised giving them further protection from the elements and making them some of the highest quality components there are.

Single, Double or Triple

Available in single, double or triple chainring designs, road bike cranksets and MTB cranksets can be tailored to the rider’s requirements, resulting in a ride that is more in line with your goals. Single chainrings are great for simplifying the drivetrain and can make them more reliable but can be less effective for steep terrain or longer rides making them better suited to leisurely riders. Double cranksets are the best all rounders and perform well on long rides and mixed terrain making them great for MTB, gravel and road bikes. Triple cranksets are suited to road and race bikes as they are tailored to fast rolling surfaces like tarmac and downhill stretches.

Crankset Help

If you need help identifying the right crankset for your needs, then send a photo of the part on your bicycle to the team at BETD and we will help you locate the best option. Alternatively, get in touch with us at