Improve MTB Handling

Looking to improve your mountain bike handling? BETD have a range of mountain bike parts that can help you gain control of your ride and give you the edge. Our experts have put together a guide of how you can improve your handling with a range of components, tips for riding and maintenance must-dos.

Check Out The Cockpit

When looking to have better control over your mountain bike, it’s key to take a look at the control centre. Many riders make the mistake of only paying attention to the drivetrain, gearing and brake systems when poor handling can more often than not be the result of poorly positioned bars, wrongly adjusted faceplates, wonky stems or unreachable gear levers. Take some time to assess your setup and readjust so that everything is within easy reach both when in the saddle and up out of it.

Upgrade Your Suspension

Upgrading your suspension with our range of mountain bike parts can help to take your ride up a notch and whether it’s a fork or notch system there are modifications to suit. We stock a variety of linkage plates that are CNC machined and made from aerospace-grade aluminium making them lightweight and robust enough for landing tricks, riding tough terrain and tackling trails.

Get Fitter

We would all like to get out on our bikes as often as possible but work, family and other commitments mean many of us don’t manage too. If you’re looking to have better riding experiences that last, one of the key ways to improve handling is to boost your fitness. Of course, bike riding is ideal training for the trails, but you can practice on a stationary bike at the gym, or just try and improve cardio and strength at home.

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