Preparing for Winter

Some lucky bikers out there have the space and money to have a summer bike and a winter bike, but some of us have just one ride year-round. If this is the case for you, or you’re looking for tips on how to further ‘winterise’ your winter bike, we’ve put together this guide on customising your bike for wetter, colder riding.


A winter riding essential – no one wants mud and dirty water spraying up their back and no one riding behind you or the pedestrian you’re passing want it in their face either.

Winter Tyres

Switch from supple summer tyres to something more robust. Punctures are much more common in winter due to the wet weather washing debris into the streets and onto bikes paths.


Many of us will be cycling before or after work, in the dead of winter that usually means cycling in the dark. Fit lights not just so that you can see, but so that cars and other dangers can see you.


A dirty bike is unavoidable in winter and your bike will not like it one bit. Even a short ride can lead to a grimy, muddy bike. Additionally, wet roads covered in salt to avoid ice means the possibility of salt corrosion is much higher. You can clean your bike after a ride just by rinsing it off but be careful not to point any jet washers or powerful sprays of water directly at your bike bearings.


Now more than ever, your bike components will be feeling the strain. Prevention is better than cure so make certain that you regularly oil moving parts and test them for efficiency. However, should the worst happen, BETD is here with an excess of replacement bike components for hundreds of the UK’s most popular bike brands and models.

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