Cycling Events in Summer

If you’re looking to do something different this summer, community cycling is a great idea. While you can still get out on your bike for your own enjoyment, you can also combine your love of cycling with socialising for guaranteed fun-factor. The UK holds a lot of cycling events that encourage communities of different kinds of people to come together to have some fun in the sun. Since all bike types are catered for by the events commonly held across the country, you can replace your mountain bike components, or road and gravel bike parts, and head out armed with a pristine bike and your SPF 50.

The intermediate ride in Robin Park pairs idyllic scenery with an easy-going community spirit for a widely accessible community ride. If you have access to Wigan and want to meet adults with the same hobbies for a day of cycling that deviates from your usual spots, this hybrid and mountain bike cycle will work perfectly. Their ethos is that nobody gets left behind as the focus is pointed towards others as opposed to individual enjoyment. Anyone can join and the route is 12-18 miles – around 3 minutes depending upon the experience level of the group. To avoid holding anyone up, complete a maintenance check of your mountain bike components and order in any replacement derailleur hangers or fork seals ahead of time. These events are repeated so if you miss a date, you can enjoy yourself at the next one.

Research shows women often feel less safe on their bike than men. This women’s-only coaching session is led by a Breeze Champion and British Cycling Coach at Forge Valley School in Sheffield. All bike types are welcome and so are ages 16 upwards! Like many of the events taking place, there are many opportunities to join the coaching session again.

From a classic picture of community cycling to a more specific kind of event that is free to join, you have the starting point of how many opportunities there are to cycle with others, grow as a cyclist and enjoy your summer on two wheels.

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