Let’s Ride into The New Year

In the winter months, cycling is less frequently seen on the roads and trails than it is under the summer sun. Even the keenest cycling enthusiast you know might increase their maintenance game in the garage – checking their drivetrain or ordering in derailleur hangers, to keep busy with their bike without bracing the cold of the outdoors. We condone the practice of staying vigilant with preparatory bike checks in case you need new road or mountain bike parts, but we are passionate about all the benefits getting out on your bike brings, with number one being how enjoyable it is!


We know some of our mountain bike riders love to kick up some dirt with their wheels for the thrill of getting their tyres stuck into the mud, but if you needed the persuasion of social situations to get you out on the windier paths, there are lots of communal events to attend.


Are you a parent who wants to share your favourite hobby with your child? Are you a single person looking to join an event in good cycling company? Are you simply just looking to branch out on your bike? If so, ‘Let’s Ride’ is the place to look. There are lots of cycling groups, festivals and cycle spaces promoted all-year-round that are open for people to get involved, with the covid-conscious still welcome as the rides are in full compliance with social distancing guidelines and appropriate group sizes.


The future is uncertain in this covid-conscious climate, however cycling provides a certainty because it happens in the presence of others without any physical contact needed. It’s also (almost always) in the open air! And Let’s Ride has many Christmas-themed events so younger members of the family can get bike-ride-ready while you’re assembling your newly bought mountain bike parts nearby.


For example, taking place on Sunday 19th December is a ‘Go Local’ event with a Christmas theme called ‘Be Well Wigan’ which is open for absolutely anybody to join. It’s a mountain or hybrid bike that welcomes adults and children for a 4-hour festive bike ride encompassing 21 miles of fun.


In the South, the ’12 rides of London’ is open to all adults and all bike types, although a ride in central London is naturally more suited to the experienced cyclist who is confident on roads at night. These examples are two differing ends of the spectrum that showcase how much opportunity there is to get out on your bike over the festive period.


Please contact us today if you have any enquiries about which road or mountain bike parts are right for your make and model, either by using the photo help service or by emailing our team.