Why There Should be More Women Cyclists

Childhood is perceived by our young minds as such a vast expanse of time because we enjoy the novelty of new experiences often. Many activities take place in outside spaces: we learn to play sports in the garden or cycle around fields with our friends for the first time. Our identity is steeped in a unified experience before we are ever aware of the social hierarchies that inform our adult lives. Once we reach adolescence, the prickly politics of gender plays into our everyday life as we begin to act more in accordance with the gender roles given to us. Sports in general – but especially individual sports, are quietly perceived as a more masculine pursuit and as such, the number of female cyclists declines in adulthood.

Social Inclusion

It may seem on the surface as though cycling is not a masculine endeavour, but the comparatively small number of female cyclists on the road shows otherwise. In our modern climate, however, now is the time for women to take up cycling again for the host of benefits it presents, including presenting the reasonable idea that women should be afforded agency in public spaces on an equal footing to men. This goes for everything from cycling to work to asking specialists for help obtaining the right mountain bike components for a brand-new cross-country mountain bike.

Focus on Fun

While cycling is a green mode of transport that can give women agency, women should also be able to return to the pursuits they enjoyed before the weight of emotional labour unfairly rested upon their shoulders. Cue the adrenaline rush of mountain biking and the dopamine release it brings. Once you venture out on a mountain bike for the first time, the need to update your bike at regular intervals thereafter becomes a source of joy. Mountain bike components are designed to withstand fast speeds and uneven terrain, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will not fail you when travelling alone, along with the opportunity to build your physical strength, if desired. When you do need to replace certain parts, the expertise of BETD can help you to find the right mountain bike components for your specific two wheels.

New Protection Plans for Cyclists

Many women have an interest in graduating from the child-friendly pavement-cyclist role to commuting on a road bike; it is safety concerns that primarily stop them. To increase everybody taking up the eco-friendly practice of cycling, the UK government has launched a ‘cycling and walking’ strategy that outlines structural amendments aimed at protecting cyclists on the road, including women.

If you would like to start cycling again or try your hand at mountain biking and have any questions whatsoever you would like to be answered by experts, the qualified team at BETD are here to help.