Bucket List Places to Cycle in the UK

road cyclists riding on country roads on a sunny day

The UK is rife with scenic areas in which you can take your bike. While there are plenty of flat routes for road bikes – particularly in the South, mountain bike enthusiasts are met with broad choice in the North of the country. Once you have completed the sensible step of checking your mtb wheel bearings, chain rings and all the other vital components, head out to have some sporting fun in one of these areas.


Devilla Forest

Scotland has thousands of miles of cycle routes. Noted for its picturesque surroundings, Scotland has the Devilla Forest that is popular with both cyclists and those on walking trails. There are stunning views of the loch in the woodland area and trails that make it the perfect place to venture to if you are on a family excursion.


Peak District

The Peak District is famously one of the best spots in the country for mountain biking. This is due to a number of factors – not least of which are the rough, hilly terrains paired with scenic views. While there are numerous family-friendly cycles, there are plenty of trails to challenge the experienced rider. Tissington and High Peak trails are two spots worth a mention for the mountain bike enthusiast, but as ever, we recommend checking your mtb wheel bearings and other important components before committing to the country’s most demanding spots.


Yorkshire Dales

Like the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales are a similarly scenic spot for mountain bikes to be taken along. It has such an appeal as there are tough climbs and terrific views to be experienced. The suspension components we stock and variety of mtb wheel bearings on our online shop will boost your rides before you have begun. The Swale Trail is worth mentioning here: a valley bottom route 20km (12 miles) in length with a café to stop at along the way, it runs between Reeth and Keld in Swaledale. It has been levelled and upgraded to improve the riding experience so if you plan to take children in tow, the beautiful Swaledale valley is the place to be.

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