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Shock Bushes

Rear shocks fitted to a mountain bike are a vital component that play a key role in the suspension ensuring shock from bumps in the terrain is absorbed and not distributed through the frame and rider. They also reduce the amount of stress on other components too but a vital part also working with the rear shock, is the shock bush itself.

The shock bushings allow the shock to move in a controlled way with a high precision fit in the frame allowing no lateral movement which reduces the shocks’ ability to function correctly. Over time the OEM fitting parts will wear being made from cheaper materials but replacing them with our shock bushes made from high grade stainless steel and a self-lubricating nylon will vastly improve the bike and ride and restore your bike to its former glory.

It is easy to detect any play in your shock mounts by lifting the bike up and down when stationary or by pushing on the frame on its side. Any play detected here means your frame needs attention so measure the sizes you require with our guide in the strong bush page and then order from a vast range of sizes of shock bushings we stock.