Get Tour Ready with Road Bike Upgrades

road cyclists riding on country roads on a sunny day

With the Tour de France in full swing, you may also be considering a cycle tour of your own this summer. There are so many ways to get out on your road bike and take in the views, whether you stay local or venture further afield. If you’ve been bitten by the cycle touring bug, the next step is to try to go faster, climb better, and ride longer. Giving your bike some small tweaks will help you to achieve this, with a number of road bike components available in our range at BETD.

Here are some of the best upgrades you can make to your bike to get tour ready:

  • Upgraded Chain Rings

Replacing your road bike’s chain rings can significantly help to improve speed, inkling climbing and shifting. Our Middleburn chainrings are precision machined from 7075 aluminium alloy, and have superior strength and durability.

  • Replacement Bearings

With their reduced friction and lower weight, ceramic bearings for your road bike could potentially gain 6-9 watts in power (compared to with standard bearings). We stock both full ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings within our extensive collection of durable Enduro bearings.

  • Invest in Handlebar Tape

Applied to the contact point of your bars, handlebar tape is designed to eliminate shock vibrations and provide grip for your hands. This is an easy way to make your road bike feel more comfortable, and can also be a great way to add your personal style to your handlebars.

  • Tubeless Tyres

Switching to a set of specialised road bike tyres can help to improve your speed, comfort and bike handling. Tubeless tyres in particular can help to prevent punctures on your tour, and increase riding comfort with the potential for lower tyre pressures.

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