Why Customise a Bike?

Middleburn components

There comes a point in the life of every avid cyclist when you have gathered enough experience come to form an opinion on the function and parts of a bike. This is the time when you might start considering whether or not a bike straight off the shelf is truly the best combination of components and functionality for you style of riding. It begs the question, is there truly a perfect bike out there for you?

The time and money it might take to experience every bike on the market that appeals to you is immense. However, this is the exact reason you might want to customise a bike!

By hand picking the components of your bike you can work towards peak functionality and performance for your style of riding, whether that’s mountain, road, gravel, or something else. For example, someone who cycles to work every day might be looking for a more robust and enduring components than someone who races, who might be more concerned about aerodynamics and speed.

Luckily, BETD is a one-stop shop for all the high-quality bike components you need. Whether you’re looking for MTB suspension or road bike track rings, we can supply. In addition, we have a team of experts who design and manufacture many of our components right here in the UK. Our Middleburn line, available in various stylish colours, of cranks, chain rings, and more prove to be continuously popular with various riders and brands, like Starling Cycles.

So, come check out our world’s largest collection of derailleur hangers or our huge stock of various Enduro bearings and frame bearing kits for hundreds of bike models! Or browse our website to learn more about how we offer free delivery, guaranteed easy returns, and more amazing offers to ensure you get the best out of your experience customising your bike!