Do the Best by Your Bike: Bearings

6200 LLB 2RS Bearings

You’re going to need to bear with us here, when we say you should bear your bearings in mind, we mean it. Of course, we are referring specifically to bearings for your bike. And whether that’s a mountain, road, or gravel bike they’re a fundamental necessity of keeping your vehicle healthy. After all, they are put under a lot of pressure, and those bearings work to reduce friction, keeping the rotation of your wheels as smooth as possible whilst under the most stress.

The quality of your riding experience matters to us at BETD, so you can rest assured that when dealing with us you will be dealing with a leading supplier of bearings in the UK. Whether you are looking for wheel bearings, pivot bearings, bottom bracket bearings, or hub bearings, we stock a huge range of Enduro products more than likely suitable for your bikes. BETD is also an approved Enduro bearings reseller and are committed to supplying quality components, and great customer service. Make sure to get in touch if you’re unsure what it is you are looking for, as our passionate and committed team will be on hand to offer advice.

Keeping spare bearings and other parts for your bike is always a great idea whether on the move, or in the garage. This way you keep yourself better prepared for all eventualities, and in turn safer when tackling that mountain trail, or enjoying those country roads. For a better ride, you can find more tips on how to maintain your bike here, and the tools you’ll need.

If you are interested, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website.