Get Your Bike Ready for Action

Just like cars, bikes need different maintenance schedules that rely on the changing weather patterns of the seasons to make them as efficient as they can be. With spring on the horizon, many of us are excited to get back on our bikes and enjoy riding into the lighter evenings and on dryer turf, but making sure that your bike is equipped for these conditions is key to keeping it in good shape and reaching your goals, no matter what discipline you ride in.

Get Rid of Winter

Whether you’ve ridden through the cold and wet conditions of winter or your bike has been stored safely in a dry space, you will still need to carry out some maintenance before getting back in the saddle this spring. First of all, give everything a good clean using a low water pressure hose to ensure there are no lingering dirt particles, salt or grit that could cause damage to the components. Dry the bike thoroughly to prevent watermarks and rust spots.

Check for Damage

Next up, you want to inspect the chain for wear and tear and assess the gauge to ensure that it hasn’t become too loose, replacing it if needs be. Now is also a good time to re-lubricate the chain and pump up the tyres as even if the bike has been sat stationary for some time; they are likely to have lost some pressure or have run flat. Test the brakes to ensure that they are responsive and tighten them up if they feel a little sluggish.

Every 1000 Miles

Once your bike is up to standard and ready to get out on the road or trials, you will need to carry out regular maintenance throughout spring to keep it top-notch. For every 1000 miles ridden, we recommend applying lubricant to the chain, front and brake cables to ensure smooth, safe and seamless riding and shifting.

If you require any replacement parts for your bike, visit the BETD website today.