Top 3 DIY Maintenance Tips

Providing a arrange of MTB parts and components for road and gravel bikes, our team know the importance of regular bike maintenance if you want to keep repairs to a minimum. While no-one is born with comprehensive bicycle mechanical skills, DIY maintenance is something that’s very important and can help you to preserve the lifespan of your bike and give you a greater understanding of the components, how they work and how to spot damage. Follow our top 5 tips for maintenance you can do at home!

Keep The Drivetrain Lubricated

Keeping your drivetrain clean and well lubricated can help to keep the wheels turning and reduce damage done from road salt, mud and dirt that accumulates here. Left unchecked, over time the drive train will run out of lubrication which can result in squeaking and rattling which can be distracting and unpleasant to have to deal with. Not only will this make a horrid noise, but it can also ruin the sprockets and chain so regularly cleaning and relubrication can prolong their life.

Keep Tyres Inflated

Tyre pressure is one of the main culprits when it comes to reduced ride quality. If it is too low, then you will have to work harder to keep speed up and you may get a flat tyre more easily. Ensure you have a floor pump with a pressure gauge and keep them properly inflated to reduce damage to wheels. Even if you aren’t riding for a long time, keeping tyres inflated while the bike is in storage to prevent cracks.

Keep Bolts Tight

Regularly check for loose nuts and bolts on the bike and tighten them up if they do become loose. Loose screws can make annoying noises when riding but can also wriggle free to the point where you might lose parts of the bike or ruin the integrity of others. Be sure not to overtighten them though as this can damage the screws, frame and reduce manoeuvrability.