Know Your Gear: A Glossary of Bike Parts


Maintaining and upgrading your mountain bike becomes a seamless process when you have a clear understanding of its intricate components. In this blog post, we’ll demystify some essential bike parts and emphasise the significance of knowing your gear for effective maintenance and upgrades.

Derailleur Hangers: Also known as gear hangers or mech hangers, these small yet crucial components are designed to protect your frame and rear derailleur. Gear hangers are sacrificial elements that absorb impact, preventing more expensive damage in case of a fall. Regularly checking and replacing derailleur hangers ensures the smooth operation of your gears.

Cranks & Spiders: Bicycle cranks are the arms connecting the pedals to the bike, while spiders are the arms connecting the cranks to the chainrings. Upgrading cranks and spiders can significantly enhance power transfer and overall performance.

Chain Rings: These toothed wheels attached to the cranks drive the chain and determine your bike’s gearing. Choosing the appropriate chain rings for your riding preferences ensures optimal efficiency and responsiveness on the trails. Regular inspection and replacement prevents wear and tear, maintaining a smooth cycling experience.

Bearings: Bearings are the unsung heroes of a bike, reducing friction and enabling smooth rotation in various parts such as hubs, bottom brackets, and headset. Regularly cleaning and replacing worn-out bearings is essential for preserving the longevity and performance of your bike.

Shock Bushes: Found in suspension components, shock bushes absorb vibrations and impacts, enhancing ride comfort and control. Regularly inspecting and replacing these small but vital parts ensures your bike’s suspension system operates at its best, providing a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Bike Parts at BETD

Understanding these terms is key to informed decision-making when it comes to maintaining and upgrading your mountain, road or gravel bike. At BETD, we offer a comprehensive range of replacement bike parts, including all of the above components and much more.

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