How To Clean Your MTB Chainring

bicycle chainring

Often riding through forests, trails, bike parks and mud keeping a mountain bike clean isn’t the
easiest feat. However, when it comes to MTB chainrings, a clean drivetrain free from debris and dirt
is key to keeping the part in good shape and prolonging its lifespan in the long term, but in the short
term is vital to hitting personal bests, meeting goals and exceeding expectations! The drivetrain
should be cleaned after every ride with the back wheel off the found and ideally in a work stand for

Start by using an old ran to loosen any dirt on the MTB chainring and jockey wheels. Grip the chain
beneath the chainstay and use the rag like a glove, loosely gripping, turning the cranks a few
revolutions so that the chain makes its way through the rag.

Next, spray the MTB chainring with your chosen cleaning product or degreaser, or using a brush
apply it to the drivetrain components.

Using a stiff-bristled brush scrub the chain, chainring and inside of the derailleur, plates to remove
the dirt, which should come off with relative ease. If the drivetrain isn’t cleaning well this way, it may
be necessary to deconstruct it and clean each individual part. If you clean it after every ride,
however, it is less likely to require such intense attention as the dirt will not be able to build up.

Then wash the degreaser or cleaning solution from the drivetrain using a hosepipe on a low-pressure setting.

Now, dry the MTB components with a lint-free cloth and shake the rear wheel a few times to
remove any excess water.

Reapply chain oil or lubricant to the chainring, chain and derailleur hanger and you’re good to go!