What makes our Components High Quality?

Our road, gravel and MTB parts are precision CNC machined so they posses strength while having a lightweight feel, which is important while out on your bike. Precision engineering also uses less energy and produces parts that are consistent in quality so you never have to take a gamble on a replacement part.


Why Does Quality Matter?


It matters considerably for several reasons! It matters to us as we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality components a cyclist could have as we have a genuine passion for the sport. When you are passionate about the continuing the legacy of a sport such as cycling, you want to give as many people access to the components they need to enjoy the pass-time without falling short.


Manufactured in the UK


We represent British manufacturing at it’s best. Why do we state this as fact? All our components are precision CNC machined by expert machinists on-site in Stoke-on-Trent.


Back in the mid-90s, the BETD founders: Robert Lewis and Elliot Oakes sought out to replace the cheap quality of the derailleur hangers made by other companies with their own first-rate derailleur hangers. As a result, we now have over 400 derailleur hangers in stock on our website in 2022 and all our derailleur hangers are made from 6082 T6 aluminium to give them the superior quality that supports your bike. When it comes to our rear merch hangers, the black anodised finish gives it a protective coating and chic look while preventing damage to your frame and wheel, as intended.

As this example proves, when we say our road, gravel and MTB parts are innovative, we mean it!


Not many companies even have the capacity to manufacture precision CNC machined road bike and MTB parts on-site, but we are committed to bolstering British manufacturing by supplying high quality components to people all over the UK. Given our location, we well-positioned to post your replacement parts out to you within a fast turnaround time and we have a diverse range of shipping options to choose from.


Since founding member Rob’s retirement 6 years ago, and the firm was acquired by huge UK engineering firm, KMF Group and that same year, BETD acquired the well-respected British cycling brand Middleburn, whose prowess for manufacturing tandem and single speed chainrings is well-known.


BETD is the home of iconic names in bike part manufacturing: Goldtec and Middleburn.


If you have any questions or want to enquire about any of our products, their quality or want to know any further details, please contact us via our website.