Female Cyclists and Summer

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More women cycle on road and mountain bikes now than in previous decades. There is an ebb towards the greater acceptance of women enjoying cycling as a hobby than previously, plus lockdown gave women a path towards enjoying all things bike-related, from fitting spare rear mech hangers to carving out new cycling routes.


Many women of menopausal age take up cycling as a pursuit as around 75% of women experience symptoms along with the menopause that can be mitigated by regular exercise. The warmer temperatures of summer don’t mesh well with the ‘hot flushes’ and changing body temperature of menopausal women, so keeping cool when cycling in the summer sun is a top priority. Fitting a bottle cage to your bike is a top tip for having hydration on-hand to ward off sunstroke and performing a maintenance check before heading out is mandatory for preventing the frustration of sudden bike issues. Basics such as bearings and rear mech hangers need to be regularly checked for signs of wear and tear because these components are crucial for keeping the wheels turning.


While women are slowly being permitted to take up more space in the public sphere with less prejudice aimed their way than before, the proverbial race has not yet been won, and this is even more reason to stay on top of prepping your bike properly. Mountain biking is more popular with women than it ever has been too, and this could be partially due to the emergence of women-only events, where the unique problems of women’s safety and a feeling of belonging can be catered to. Sociologically speaking, women are socialised to be less competitive than men, so random explanations of needing to replace your rear mech hangers soon are less likely to take place in a group of fellow female cyclists.


Summer is a great time for women to take up cycling or put more effort into bike maintenance for the benefit of their physical and mental health. If you have any questions or want to enquire about any of our products, from the rear merch hangers mentioned to the frame bearing kits we have in stock, please contact us via our website.