Women in Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking is a sport brimming with adrenaline, adventure, and a deep connection to nature. But for far too long, the narrative surrounding the sport hasn’t fully reflected its diversity. Women, however, have always been a powerful presence on the trails, pushing boundaries, defying stereotypes, and leaving their mark on the world of mountain biking. From the pioneering spirit of early female riders who paved the way to the inspiring achievements of today’s champions, women are not only shredding trails but also actively shaping the culture of the sport.

Paving the Way

Pioneering women, including Americans Missy Giove and Leigh Donovan, were instrumental in shaping the sport in its early days, defying stereotypes, and proving that mountain biking wasn’t just for men.

Today, a new generation of female riders is taking centre stage – Rachel Atherton, a six-time Downhill World Champion, is renowned for her technical prowess and fearless riding style. Additionally, the inclusion of mountain biking as a sport at the summer Olympics has inspired a new wave of female riders to take to the trails.

Challenges & Change

Despite these inspiring stories, women in mountain biking still face challenges. A lack of representation in marketing and media, a perception of the sport being male-dominated, and inadequate gender-specific facilities at trailheads can sometimes create barriers to entry and participation.

Fortunately, the tide is turning. Mountain biking communities are actively working to become more welcoming and inclusive, organising female-specific groups and events, and fostering a supportive environment.

Join the MTB Movement

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