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Tandem Bike

Often used as a family bike between a parent and child, a tandem bike has been designed for two people to ride the same bike at the same time. The beauty of a tandem bike lies in how easily two cyclists with differing ability levels can cycle together without anyone getting left behind. The sturdy frame of a tandem bike is designed to protect both cyclists and allow for better weight distribution.

Most tandem bikes have one gear and chain system due to the bike’s purpose of accompanying both cyclists at the same speed. Since there are two cyclists on the bike, it is important to ensure your tandem bike components are in perfect working order. At BETD, we stock a range of tandem bike components and as the official home of Middleburn, we are proud to bring you chain ring bolts, bearings, front hubs, cable oilers, cranks, and more.

For an expert opinion on which replacement component you need, send in a high-resolution image via a medium sized file to our team as we have over 30 years of experience in specialised bike components.