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These are replacement parts for your existing shock hardware. These parts will replace your existing alloy shock hardware and offer far better longevity because of their superior materials. The main shaft is machined from stainless steel to a very high tolerance and the sleeve is machined from aircraft grade aluminium.

We do not list the parts as in fitting a particular brand but it is very easy to measure your existing hardware. Please look at the thumbnail images on how to measure the strong shock bush you need for your frame. If you have a size you cannot see listed, please email us at We also have odd shock bush sizes that are not listed on our website so you never know, we may be able to help you.

Using the buttons above, navigate to what you need and select the Bush Size, then Bush Length and finally Shock Bolt Size. The Shock bolt Size is the actual clearance required for the bolt, so for example an M8 bolt is 8.1 If you are in doubt please ask.

Strong shock bushes are an upgrade for most types of shocks, using the new Hula Hoop nylon bush and a stainless-steel reducer. These shock bushes last approx 3 to 5 times longer than the standard DU type bush and the are stiffer to help stop your bolt from bending.

  • Fox shocks take the 12.7 mm bush or 1/2″ in old school money
  • Rock Shox 2010 + take 12.7 mm
  • Rock Shox pre 2010 take the 12 mm
  • Some very early Rock Shox take the 10 mm size
  • Manitou take 12 mm

One hula hoop is included in the price, extras can be purchased separately.

Also available are those for Santa Cruz bikes which are 3/8″ clearance plus some M10 bolt size bushes. If in doubt, please ask us by emailing us and we can help.


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